Speaking up has repercussions suga

E oo le vao.
Imagine you’re deep in the forest, and you think you are alone, so you speak and your voice travels through the trees and into the ears of the person you speak of.(usually this is in the context of speaking ill of someone).
Thus, speak well because even in the depth of the jungle your words will travel.
That’s what the proverb alludes but it also is a perfect analogy of why we, from small communities struggle to truly express a view, no matter how well founded or meaningful.
No matter where we are, our voices are never alone, and our views are always connected to us, our families and loved ones.
Now throw in politics and we have a situation called, a shit-storm also known as friggin’ shit storm.
In a western democratic sense, you can stand on the top of the hill and say, “I support Polo because he is a hardworking member of the community and is truthful and he cares. He is also well educated”. You say this because you are aware of Polo’s work, saw him support the bill that affects you (eg LGTBI+ gay marriage, anti smoking, education – whatever or googled it).
But if you are from a small place, and you went to school with someone who is connected to the other candidate Pa’u, who is also contesting but was involved in a corrupt deal a few years ago.(You saw this on google and in reality for example).
Then, your voice is going to be wavering in fear of the wrath of Pa’u, and because Pa’u’s cousin is your uncle’s emplyer’s friend’s uncle’s niece.
Speaking your truth has reprecussions but failing to speak your truth means that corrupt people will continue to speak for you, and advocate for you, and assume that they are your leader in NZ.
I love coming from a small community, but I hate that it is also a tangled sinnet of relationships that are volatile, convoluted, hateful and deceit. Thankfully, there’s ways that can solve this: stop going to church, or convert to a palagi church, haha but really.
Bless those churches that are about spiritual enlightenment and not about the financial contributions every week. Amen LoansrUs.
ok, that was me thoughts derailed.
My mantra is the same as last election, question, research and find out what politicians have to offer, their experience, google their names and what you come up with, go to public meetings and ask them questions.
They speak for you and me. Hold them accountable. Question them.
If they are not truthful to you today, they won’t be truthful ever.
If they don’t advocate for what you care about. Don’t vote for them.
All too often, Pacific peopl are misled and blinded by politicians who rely on our familial-loyalty-repect-love relationships.
That era of voting because our parents voted also needs to be looked at. Are they still delivering?Look at the policies they propose.
And the current era of politicians who say they speak for us and are unsure what they stand for.
Ain’t nobody got time.
PS: this post is about nobody in particular, so don’t get your tarpaulines in a twist unnecessarily.


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