23rd April 2013 Throwback Thursday Note about Tuiga

Today’s interesting moment is my search for very special feathers for a tuiga I’m making this week, and I felt that my point of difference was to use bird feathers, …in fact, any bird but chicken, because that’s what was used in the old tuiga.

And no, I didn’t like ostrich feather either.

Anyhow, …I figured the best place to get those precious feathers, without killing the blummin bird was ..the Zoo.

So I am waiting for a reply from Auckland Zoo as I know they have an Aviary (ahem – from my last visit in 2006).

…i’m hoping they don’t come back to me and say “Yes, you can have it but come collect them yourself” hah.

Will see where this lil’ adventure takes me.

Interesting Tuiga truths:

If you look at images of tuigas worn by samoans in the early days, (and some even today, thank goodness), you’ll find that the women’s faces are very,…taunt and almost flawless. In fact, you can tell a tuiga has been ‘mounted’ and tied to the skull of the wearer skillfully by the ‘tauntness’ of their faces, so much that their eyes becomes slanted upwards. Now, try gathering your hair and pull it upwards to the top of your head, tie it in a bun and then pull some more, are you crying yet? No? keep pulling. Now look in a mirror and you too can look like a samoan taunt faced tuiga wearing warrior.

Without botox.

Wife of a Samoan chief. The wife of a Samoan chief wears traditional ‘meke’ costume. Her long hair is worn up, decorated with a beaded headdress, and her neck and shoulders are adorned with garlands of flowers (leis). Suva, Fiji, 21-27 May 1924. Suva, Viti Levu, Fiji, Pacific Ocean, Oceania.

© Universal Images Group / SuperStock




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