Mother Tongue dramas

I found a book at the library – it’s about Samoan reference and genealogy….in Samoan. Which is my first language.

Except, when I opended and read it,  i realized i was losing my touch —argh! so for the whole weekend, I have made a serious effort to read the whole thing.

In my defence (I have none really), there’s no upu fa’amamafas and other err, ‘thingis’ to help me articulate the words…oh bugger, this is not helping me at all. Nevermind.

This is a real wake up call and I better get back into reading before my mom asks me to read the Bible in front of people —-I can totally imagine the look she will give me. And the feeling I will have of wishing that the earth would open up and swallow me whole.


Na maua la’u tusi Samoa mai le faletusi i le vaiaso na te’a nei. O le gagana Samoa o la’u gagana muamua, ae fa’ato’a a’oa’oina le fa’aperetania i le aoga. Paga lea, ua fai sina liva liva aso ou te le’i faitau i se tusi fa’asamoa.

O lea la o le’a ou taumafai e faitau ni tusi ina ia toe fa’aleleia ai la’u faasamoa.

“oka oka, le masang o wa’u I le faasamowah”


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