Today’s portfolio entry for my darling boy.

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Here you are with the stones that you had collected, Tui. I noticed that you had collected a few during the previous week and we sat together to count them.

We began in English, one, two, three… and then French, un, deux, trois…followed by Samoan, although I only know up to 5 in Samoan so I may have to call on your mum for some help. We also counted in Maori. Our time together was cut short as you had to go home and so I put your stones in a bucket to store and up high for safety ready for your return.

The following week you were keen to search for more stones and you invited Amy and me to join you. We counted lots and lots of stones this time!

What is amazing to me, Tui, is that when I was your age, I could barely count to 10 in my own language let alone 3 other languages! We should do this again sometime and find out what the highest number is that we can count to. What do you reckon?


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