Our real state of emergency

We need to talk. (Ioe, you, me, and our corned beef)
And its not about climate change or the economy….it is this:

10 Most Obese Nations (%)

American Samoa 74.6
Nauru 71.1
Cook Islands 63.4
Tokelau 63.4
Tonga 57.6
Samoa 54.1
Palau 48.9
Kiribati 46
Marshall Isalnds 45.4
Kuwait 42

Let’s face it, we have a big problem.
….and before you get defensive and say BMI measurements aren’t fair and all that, ….get this,
Okay – so I am no saint, being the God fearing, mamoe eating, mayonnaise loving islander that I really am, but my goodness, this calls for a major wake up (from our sunday afternoon snooze after to’ona’i of povi masima.
– It reminds me of working for a health provider and we visited churches to run demonstrations and do cooking classes with the aulotu – we would measure the fat content of pisupo, learn to read labels on cans, and do an exercise session.
At the end of EACH of the sessions, we were invited to sit down and have a meal with the church leaders….the food was always always the same……lololo.com
It’s all so sad and frustrating.
Why do we get fat faster?
1. We enjoy eating.
2. The food we enjoy eating is higher in fat, carbohydrates and sugary content.
3, Our societal setup revolves around community and being together and sharing. When this happens, we eat.
4. We are big fakkas anyway, so eating is err, what we like to do to sustain our big frames.
5. Being fat has become the norm (and no kidding, I mean, imagine being a slim American Samoan (74.6% of the population are obese )…I bet they would feel left out!
6. Exercise is not part of our daily lives on the most part. There’s exceptions of course, case in point: Le Mamea Sefulu Ioane who walks every morning, and Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese who walks a lot. And the marathon gentlemen. And Koko from my village.
7. We have a learned culture of ‘bigger is better” —the more food you give, the more generous and loving you are. The more pigs you kill for your church building’s faaulufalega, the more blessings ye shall receive.
8. We were introduced to bad foods by parangs and then we have continued to eat these food long after we became independent. Why catch fish when you can get it in a can?
9. We don’t have enough role models who are healthy and fit.
and last but definitely not the least:
10. Many of us, including our leaders, do not recognize that we have a problem. We don’t realize the enormity of this ‘tragedy’ because we are so busy worrying about climate change. Poverty. And our next plate of fried chicken and taro with coconut cream.

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