Whispers and Vanities Book Launch – my take

Last night, was one of the book launches for WHispers and Vanities edited by Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese.

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For you all who know me, I have an unhealthy crush on this revered man’s brain and read his speeches religiously (indigenous religion that is 🙂

This book is a collection from various authors, poets etc.Featured image

Go read his essays and speeches and you’ll know what i’m on about.

Link to the speeches       http://www.headofstate.ws/

The thing about him is, he acknowledges our beliefs pre-christianity. he celebrates and beckons it.

that’s something many samoans and many indigenous people yearn fFeatured imageor, but whose knowledge journeys are held back by

“eh! those are the days of heathens and pagans and darkness!”

sadly, most of that knowledge is gone forever – some thankfully bound in journals and writings of early explorers, academics and missionaries.

what I found thought provoking last night was the discussion about ‘whispers’ – taumusumusuga.

That is so so true – there is the spoken language which is audible for all – but the real juicy stuff happens in whispers.

Tuiatua refered to some of this, eg sexual references. OMG – AMEN!

All my inappropriate sexual references came from the women’s discussions in my village – i mean, they should have chased us kids away but ya know – you hang around very quietly and surely enough there is the murmurs of  “ia, e maua aku Salalua agapo la e kalikaliaga mai i lalo o le fa’i”

“Ma ai?”

“Ma le ko’olua o Sasalapa”

The power of whispers is so potent in our villages that you get FINED when you start something. ….but does it stop it? Thankfully, No….continue!

I smiled a little when they spoke about po ula and how little we know about po ula and its purpose..etc

I was like, oh honey, please sit down – we KNOW what Po ula is — I have pictorial evidence circa 2009. That was a brief reenactment and it involved a lot of aualuma and some spiritual dances hahah”

other things I thought about was this:

-I read somewhere that the life expectancy of men and women was 30-40. So those historic figures had to wage wars, produce numerous children, have poulas (: and effect change within that time. ….meanwhile, we in modern times are still so immature at age 16.

Think Tupua Lealofi who died, he was apparently only 29!!!! wow – I was stumbling down alleys at 29! I missed the boat completely!

–  If you are studying the pre-history and oral traditions of a country, shouldn’t you be somewhat able to understand their language? Just a question.

– Did you know koko samoa as we know is is not indigenous? the drinking koko was introduced? …sorry aboudit! I totally didn’t know that – and my dad was a koko planter!

– ANother koko(cacao) fact is: my sister Cherelle was named about a part of the cacao plant?

– Last fact: I need to get a life because I am writing about this at 5am.

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2 thoughts on “Whispers and Vanities Book Launch – my take

  1. Oh wow I’m so glad I stumbled across this blog! PO ULA is part of my research on Samoan music – I too am in awe of our pre-Christian pasts. Thanks for this post – I’m hoping to get my own copy of Tui Atua’s latest book very soon. Ia manuia xx

  2. Thanks Rita! yes – it’s so fascinating and something I love reading about. I think more and more people are interested in rediscovering their ancestors stories —the uncensored version (:

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