Emerging Pacific Leaders Dialogue 2014

I have just returned after almost 3 weeks of being on EPLD which started in Noumea and ended spectacularly in Vila.

There’s so much I want to share about from the event, but ahem – my workload had skyrocketed in my absence, so – I will elaborate later but for now,


– I’ve made great friends with those in my study group – who travelled with, laughed with, got cold with onboard the boat at Akaroa and ate too much food with.

– Met so many amazing leaders from around the Pacific including those from American and French territories who are usually not involved.

– Learnt so much about leadership styles and ideas that will help me.

and more.


Where to from here for me?

While others are all set to get ahead, I (quietly) just want continue what I do with my work but – being away reminded me that I could be doing things better. I have two beautiful babes that remain the center of my universe, and maintaining a balance between work and them is a real challenge in my current role. I have allowed my work to take precedence over the last 3 years at the disadvantage of my loves, so I will do my best to restore that balance.

I need a mentor.

Everyone I have spoken to, has a mentor who helps them. I don’t. I have people who I consider my champions who advise me along the way, but I need to have a real think about seeking a mentor.

Observations from othersFeatured image

One of the most valuable exercises over this programme was the chance for our team to comment or share about how others work – this was humbling for me because they saw qualities that I took for granted. or underestimated.

On the flip side, I also realized I needed to change some things in order to be taken seriously.

SO….enjoy reflections for now, but I’ve loaded the pics on EPLD fb page.

manuia le aso,



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