Conversations with High Chief Le Mamea Taulapapa Sefulu Ioane.

Last week, I had Featured imagethe pleasure of driving Le Mamea and Josie to an event in Hamilton.

I facebooked about this and to save me writing about it all over again, here it isFeatured image and some pics:

It’s been such a fantastic learning and humbling 2 days with the Ioanes. Le Mamea, a former teacher, academic, Fulbright scholar, matai Samoa, educator, (QSO) father and leader was acknowledged as a Distinguished Alumni last night. His wife, SosFeatured imageefina is a high achiever herself.
I think we don’t value our elders enough., yet, the immense knowledge and life experience they have is priceless and we have much to learn of their wisdom.
Le Mamea went to Samoa College (that’s right:…red and yellow errytay!) and when asked about what inspired him, he said to me: “we boys had a choice – go to Malua and be a priest or go to Samoa College and sit next to the pretty palagi and afakasi girls….of course, we all chose Samoa College”.Featured image
I then drove them through Melville today, he taught at Melville HS in the 70s, “do you remember this area?” I asked.
“Well, I’m rather lost but I remember there was a pub we drank at after school”
He learnt te reo while in Waikato along with studying the English language in humanities.
Lastly, he spoke today and challenged everyone to have a Positive Mental Attitude.
“Look up and work hard. Don’t loFeatured imageok down because all you’ll see are your dirty feet! Look up and you will succeed”


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