Tuiga o le Motu

Just finished this tonight and I’m calling it: Tuiga o le Motu because we are 13 days away from the largest conference which will highlight the plight of small island nations of the world (SIDS).

Many islands of the Pacific use the world “motu” to refer to island.

Motu can also mean ‘to disconnect”, “break apart” “isolate”.

While development experts, academics and politicians refer to the vulnerability and the weaknesses of our motu, please go and read “Our Sea of Islands” by the Late Epeli Hauofa, which reminds us all that we are descendants of the greatest voyagers on earth, the ocean is our backyard.

We are not vulnerable, nor weak. We are able, our ancestors believed that stars were made when a spear pierced the heavens, and that the sun was restrained by pandanus.

We are able. Mighty. Guardians of our Motu.

We consult with the earth before we cut a tree, we protect the reef as we mourn to allow sea life to regenerate. We are one with our Motu.

Ia, ua lava ga fagogo ae faatau sau kuiga.

(This is with the pale agiga tied on, but otherwise it can be worn without the pale). PM me if you want a tuiga made, plan ahead so there is no rushing at the last minute (like every Samoan relative I know, just sayin’:) Manuia la’asaga o le vaiaso. Fotu.


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