Message in a book



This is so so strange, cool, ‘made my day type’ message!


“Hi Jody, Im Yong from Singapore

Do you happen to also go by the name Jody Fotu Jackson?

Someone gave me the book One Hundred Years of Solitude. She got it from a second hand book store in thailand, and the name Jody Fotu Jackson is on the first page. I just thought it would be cool to figure out where the book came from, and when im done reading it, i can bring it to another country and pass it on… and you know, the next reader can know all the countries the book’s been in”


I do this to every book I read, and lately, on the last page, I write a small note for the next reader. I got the above copy from a tourist from Australia who stayed at our place.

We didn’t have TV in our house until the late 90s, thus our extensive book collection and having tourists send us packages of books from all over the world. 

Its moments like these that I am grateful to my mom for instilling this love of books in all of us.


….now…hmmmm..wondering how the book left the book shelf in Savaii and ended up in Thailand.






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