How to survive a flight with a baby – Survival Kit

For the owner of a potentially screaming baby, here’s some tips to help you survive the journey:

  • Before you get on a flight with a baby, make sure he/she is well rested, well fed and not sick.
  • Make sure the baby is yours to take.
  • Go prepared onto a flight, take a bag of spare clothes, nappy change, nappy rash cream, soothers (dummy), and whatever else soothes your child.
  • Give baby Panadol before takeoff. …I call this ‘legally drugging em for take off’.
  • If breastfeeding/bottlefeeding, feed baby when the plane takes off and lands, great for unblocking her/his ears…..get someone next to you to help, in case you fall asleep…just say, can you make sure I don’t suffocate my baby with my boob in the event I doze off? (:
  • Be mindful of the plane temperature, and or cover child accordingly. 
  • You as a parent should be well rested before a flight, so you are not on edge and frustrated when your bundle of joy wont SHUT up.
  • Be polite and friendly with others on your flight, this may be your saving grace later.
  • Take own food for child or you, rather than waiting for bland plane food neither of you will handle/like.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Get off seat and walk with baby if he gets inconsolable.
  • When you book flights, ask for bulkhead seats and request the bassinet (if available, only for babies under 13kg ish)
  • Call the airline a few days prior and reconfirm above request, punch your travel consultant if they don’t follow though with this request. 
  • Arrive at airport earlier than usual to make check in rather than long queues.
  • Breath, exhale, and remember, there is the destination to look forward to!
  • Don’t be deterred by mean passengers when your child is crying…..just focus on your baby and ignore the dickheads near you who are giving you the looks. Smile, they won’t stay babies forever.

For everyone else on a flight with a screaming baby, here’s a challenge:

  • Offer to help the mother or father with their bags as they disembark. Pay it forward baby!
  • Rather than whining about the noise, offer the mother some help, say “Do you want me to hold baby while you have a 15 minute break?” 

The baby might enjoy the distraction and stop screaming, and the mother will get much needed 15 minutes of relief and de-stress, run to the toilet and remember there is considerate humans in this world.

You will be a kindred spirit who should be congratulated.


Now….if you do have the baby, please do not store it in the overhead locker.



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