Gossip room – Faikakala

*Disclaimer: I’m making a generalisation here, which effectively includes me, myself and I as a Samoan, so if you’re offended by it, I wasn’t talking about you….I was talking about your cousin’s sisters’ brother’s aunty.

*Samoans are born faikakala. Naturally.

We are just a nation of really inquisitive people, we are so inquisitive that we just can’t leave each other alone.

Just think about it,….someone walks down the road, …do you say “hello” and get back to your own life?

Absolutely not!

We ask…”O fea a e ke alu i ai?” Where are you going?

We ask this EVEN if we see them with a spear, fishing goggles and carrying a paddle….just in case they are going to church in their fishing gear.

We ask people how old they are.

We ask strangers if they are married.

We exclaim loudly to long lost relations that “Suga, ua oso lou kigo!” You have gone FAT!”

We just can’t help it. It’s in our coconut psyche.

But when we move into this online social gravy and apply this faikakala mentality, then we see real problems.

I think Twitter and Samoans is the most toxic combination ever. (case in point: Ronaiah Tuiasosopo). uh huh.

Online forums and Samoans are the most demeaning form of faikakala.

*Samoans need to learn to keep some things private and understand some cardinal samoan rules:

– E o’o le vao, so choose your words wisely…your words will come back to bite you in the kankle.

– E fai vae o kala, Stories have legs….so those legs will come back and dropkick you in the face later

– If its personal and sensitive issues, keep it to yourself….no one really gives a shit.

– If you want a real relationship, log off, get out of your pjs, have a shower, finish your schooling, get a job and live a real life outside of cyber-faakelewind-space.

– Think back, in 2012, how many hours you’ve spent online – what have you achieved out of it?

And do you want to commit the same hours in 2013 of time wasted on online shit that doesn’t contribute positively to your life?

– Live more in reality and less in unsocial media spaces.

Thank you,

Oi aue!


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